Why should I hire a lawyer instead of handling things myself or using a service like LegalZoom?

At Clark Law, we are educated and trained to understand the nuances of the law, spot issues, and solve problems. Non-lawyers and automated processes cannot give legal advice based on your specific situation, and are not able to help you (1) avoid future problems and (2) resolve problems that may arise.

  1. Where is the best state to register my business?

    For large corporations operating worldwide, there are a number of factors that go into choosing a state to register the business. However, for the majority of small businesses operating locally, the best place to register is the state where you live and plan to conduct your business.

  2. Do I only need to apply for trademark or copyright protection once my business becomes successful?

    No! Your brand is always at risk, especially because the internet and social media make everything easily accessible to people around the world. If you're committed to your business and brand, you should do what you need to do to protect them immediately.

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