As much as you plan and prepare, it is inevitable that businesses will face challenges, whether internal or external. Clark Law helps its clients prevent these disputes to the fullest extent possible, as well as to navigate those that do arise.

Internal Disputes

Businesses, especially those with more than one person in leadership, such as multi-member LLCs and for-profit and nonprofit corporations with a board of directors, can guarantee that an internal dispute will arise over the course of the business’s existence. Those disputes may arise at the beginning, with challenges over the ownership or operation of the business or its assets, or later on, with disputes about distribution of shares. Some disputes even lead to the dissolution of the business. Whatever the dispute, Clark Law’s plan is always to understand the issues, deescalate the situation, and pursue the outcome that best aligns with our client’s goals.

External Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes often arise between businesses and their customers. Customers dissatisfied with the product or service, the price they paid, or another issue associated with the business will often escalate their concerns from online reviews to filing claims in civil court. Regardless of the severity of the customer’s claim, such actions can have a negative impact on the business, its profits, and its employees. Clark Law works at the first whispers of adverse customer actions to resolve negative situations on behalf of its clients, and when necessary, fully defend our clients in court.

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