So you’re starting a business series part 3: Protect Your Brand!

Second only to your product or service, your brand is everything. It is how people find out about you, remember you, and show you off to others. Your brand’s name, packaging, color, logo, all come together to boost your business’ credibility. Your customers care about your brand, and it must be protected! Many business owners find that once they get started and build recognition, others want to take advantage of their hard work. These copycats will create similar products with similar packaging, colors, and marketing strategies. You must ensure now that when this happens (because if your business is successful, it WILL happen), your brand is protected.

How do you protect your brand? A starting point is through applying for a trademark registration with the USPTO.

What does this mean? Basically, it is the words and/or images (logo!) that represents your business.

The application process with the USPTO can be long and complicated. At Clark Law, we recognize that your ideas and hard work are worth protecting and are here to help. Contact Clark Law today to find out how we can help you protect your brand.